Linux -- The Defenestrator
Full-size copy (300kb)
General and Documentation.
LDP Linux Documentation Project Wokingham, my nearest site.
HOWTOs Linux HOWTOs direct -- and at Wokingham
Linux Resources UK Linux User Groups Linux Applications finder
Ibiblio Linux resources. Linux Applications finder Linux Applications finder
And for the veggies amongst us, fresh fruit and veg Sadly just the same site. Ho Hum. :-(
It's bizare how just the name puts me off. Linux news Linux info site Linux info site
Everything Linux Linux Tools and links
Control-Escape Beginners and info
Linux Resource Exchange.  
Linux Emporium Shopping for Linux CDs? Also related stuff .. freeBSD etc., programming, books, toys and widgets.
Linuxbox Free web hosting for Linux projects
Linux Distributions/Distributors
Unifix Linux Still my favourite distribution, though unconventional.
Red Hat Linux Most people's current favourite distribution.
S.u.S.E. Linux Possibly Europe's favourite distribution.
Debian Linux Maybe NASA's favourite ;-)
Ubuntu Linux I guess this should be Africa's favourite ;-)
Gentoo Linux A Linux named after Gentoo penguins.
Fedora Linux Derived from Red Hat, I guess.
Mandrive Linux Popular, but I've not tried it.
Slackware Linux Slackware, traditional favourite ;-)
NetBSD Prefer BSD to Linux? Try this. If you've heard of Linux, but not BSD, don't let the unfamiliarity put you off. The BSDs are good.
FreeBSD Prefer BSD to Linux? Or this.
Sunsite ftp repository
TSX-11 ftp repository ftp repository
One-floppy Linux. A complete (small) linux systems on a single floppy disc, with links to many other small Linux versions.
Superant Mini embeddable Linux
Magazines and E-zines (A vile phrase... E-zine is a vile phrase -- Polonius.)
Linux Journal The Premier Linux Magazine.
Linux Today -- aims to provide a one-stop source for all the latest Linux news.
Applications I personally find interesting or usefull.
SoundApps Linux Linux Soundapps page excellent listing for Linux audio and MIDI software -- appears defunct :-(
Linux Sound Another page for Linux sound and MIDI software.
HylaFAX The Fax server system for Unix. (Big! If you just want FAX on your desktop, this isn't the one)
The GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program.
SANE Scanner software.
Graphics Muse Graphics Homesite
KDE The Gnome Desktop Environment
KDE The K Desktop Environment
FVWM-Crystal The FVWM-Crystal Desktop Environment. I really like this, but not too many people seem to use it. Shame!
OpenOffice The Open Office software suite. Has much that MS Office offers, but free or for a donation and in many respects works better (IMHO)
Axcene Office Suite . Incuding the Xclamation Destop Publisher
Freetype. Free TrueType tools
XFree86 home page of a free X-Windowing system.
X Org home page of a free X-Windowing system.
fwtk fwtk Firewall Toolkit from Trusted Information Systems
Juniper Juniper Firewall Toolkit from Obtuse Systems
Squid Web Proxy/Cache
Mayko Map X-Window System based Maps.
X-Tide X-Window System based Tide calculator. Sadly the UK Hydrographer's Office have declined use of UK prediction conatants, rather crippling this for us. The POL data is fine, but has much pooer coverage.
Programming and Programming Languages
OpenSource The Open-Source Initiative.
Cygwin Unix on Windows (well, it's better tha nothing).
MinGW Unix on Windows .. nicer than cygwin, but not yet so rich, I think. The PERL website and CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) The O'Reilly PERL website
Python The Python website
Java Sun's Java website
Tcl/tk Tcl/tk website
Ruby Object-Oriented scripting language website
Trumphurst Java and C++ libraries.
Planet Source Code Assorted source-code snippets.
FLTK graphics library Slimline C++ graphics library.
GTK The Gimp ToolKit (graphics)
Qt Graphics Library
wxWidgets Graphics Library
Cross-Assemblers Various cross-assemblers for Linux.
SGML etc. Markup Language Links
SGML/XML The SGML website
DocBook The Davenport DocBook standard.
SP & Jade SGML parser and DSSSL engine
Norman Walsh Pages on SGML matters
TeX CTAN -- The TeX typesetting language Comprehensive TeX Archive Network
WWW Consortium The reference site for HTML, XHTML, CSS and more The Any-Browser campaign